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Slimline Slimming Machines and a Sensible Diet

Summer Body – Slimline Slimming Machines and a Sensible Diet

Whenever Slimline slimming machines and their effectiveness is discussed there also has to be a discussion about what really constitutes sensible eating. While you can achieve great results in terms of weight loss, body sculpting and even cellulite reduction you really won’t get the very best results possible unless you are eating a sensible diet. […] Read More

Electrotherapy for Weight Loss

Electrotherapy for Weight Loss: What You Need to Know

There really is no such thing as a magic bullet available when it comes to weight loss and achieving the body you really want. But there are sensible combinations of methodologies and treatments that can help even people who thought they were stuck on some kind of diet treadmill forever actually achieve those results they’ve […] Read More

Flatter Tummy

Foods That Will Ruin Your Flatter Tummy Efforts

Most of us have that one part of our body that, however much we diet and exercise simply never looks quite the way we would like, and for a lot of ladies -and men too – that annoying problem area is the belly. The quest for a flatter tummy is one that preoccupies a lot […] Read More


What is Cellulite, What Causes It and How to Make it Go Away

One would expect that sleek, slim, much photographed celebrities like singers Rihanna and Beyounce, actresses Blake Lively and Halle Berry and even Victoria’s Secret models Alessandra Ambrosio and Candice Swanepoel really do have the perfect bodies. But as lithe and lean as this ladies are – no one would ever suggest they were in any […] Read More

Lose weight for your wedding

The Top 10 Do’s & Don’ts When Shedding for Your Wedding

We are pretty sure your groom to be thinks you are absolutely perfect the way you are, otherwise he wouldn’t have actually been willing to commit the rest of his life to you. However, in preparation for their big day, many brides resolve to embark on a more rigorous than usual diet and fitness regime […] Read More

Slimline Slimming Supplement

Slimline Slimming Supplement

Diet Tips Eat reasonably during the day / use slim shakes for extra energy Eat very sparingly after 3pm, take a slimtab instead, it contains all the vitamins you need. It also expands in the stomach so you will not feel hungry. Try to exercise a little, this will use up unwanted calories Use the […] Read More

Beach Body

Troublespot Weight Loss Without Going Under the Knife with Elecrotherapy

Maintaining a healthy diet can certainly be a great way to lose weight but for almost everyone, even ‘model’ types there are often certain ‘trouble spots’ that no amount of diet and exercise seem to be shifting. The simple fact is that even the slimmest of women who spend hours in gym will admit that […] Read More



Electrotherapy is a safe and painless but powerful alternative to surgery and other invasive methods to losing weight, that can achieve rapid results. It is excellent for toning muscles, tightening skin, post-surgical healing, relieving muscular pain, and weight loss. The electronic stimulation tones and firms abdominals, legs and arms, while breaking up fat. Many other […] Read More